Ford F-650 Super CrewZer™ 2006

F-650 Super CrewZer™ Returns for 2006Super CrewZer 2006
Ford has began producing the Super CrewZer™ line of trucks for 2006. These trucks are in production and appearing at auto shows and RV shows. We will have our first look in Pomona, California in mid October 2005. The images shown now are the manufacturer's pictures of the truck that is to appear at the 53rd Annual California RV Show (more show info)

The original Super CrewZer appeared in 2001 and received rave reviews in the equine and recreational hauler world. Many of those reviews are still hanging around on the Internet, just Google Super CrewZer to find them.
2003 Super Crewzer
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We configured several of these unique luxury haulers for our clients over the years. Our continuing interest in the Super CrewZer has won us the honor to receive the first delivered to dealership truck of the new Super CrewZer series. It will be on the North County Ford lot in Vista California in late October or early November. Contact us for exact details. (Toll free: (866) 800-3673)

This is the largest truck one can drive with a Standard Class E license. This truck is sort of a 3/4 scale big rig. You could park 3 MINI Coopers in its shadow.

The Super CrewZer truck is designed more for the pleasure traveler than for work-a-day applications. This shows in the trucks comfortable cab and air shock seats. It has the muscle for those work-a-day applications it is obviously intended for those that want to savor their driving experience.

The Super CrewZer's heavy steel frame and fiberglass body provide the ideal mix of strength and light weight construction. The fiberglass body is low maintenance and obviously rust free.

More 2006 Super CrewZer Pictures Coming
In October after the Super CrewZer debut we will have more images of this truck. Check back then.

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