Ford F-800 Trucks

F-800 Trucks

The Ford F-800 trucks have been replaced by the Ford F-650 and F-750 Super Duty trucks. 1999 is the last year the Ford F-800 was made.

Used Ford F-800 Trucks are still available and Fleet Trucks can help you obtain or modify a preowned F-800. Finding your truck may take some time and we cannot guarantee that we find what you want in a preowned truck. We can however build a new custom truck to fit your requirements and probably exceed your F-800 capacity requirements on either an F-650 or F-750 chassis.

Ford F-800 Replacements

Shown (right) is a Ford F-750 with a custom aluminum 5th wheel hauler bed. This type of truck is ideal for towing large horse trailers. Fleet Trucks can provide a complete turn-key solution with all the aftermarket items you could want or modify your existing truck.

Contact us for more information on a replacement for your Ford F-800 truck needs.

Previous Ford F-800's F-800 Horse Hauler

Shown (right) is one of the F-800's with a showroom quality custom truck bed (aluminum). Since this design and the advent of the Super Duty series of Ford Trucks, we have developed new beds, styles, and added electronics.

Custom Trucks and Custom Beds

This F-800 is similar to the previous truck. You can notice we changed the finish to a painted surface rather than polished aluminum. Factory paint is used so any factory color can be matched perfectly.

Look through our site to see more of the custom trucks and beds that Fleet Ttrucks can provide.

Visit our bed and up fitting vendors:

UTILITY BODYWERKS - Quality Custom Trucks

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