Ford F-150 Sport Trucks

Ford F-150 Trucks - All New for 2004 and improved for 2005 and again 2006 Ford F-150 Truck
The new 2007's are in production... We are making deals on the last of the Ford 2006's. We are taking ordes for 2007 Ford Trucks.

New features, technology and looks.
The technology of trucks to come.

Ford Super Duty Trucks

Ford F-250 TrucksFord F-250 Truck XLT

Ford Trucks with custom after market features added by the dealer. A complete 100% turnkey truck ready to go.
Ford F-250

Ford F-350 TrucksFord F-350 Truck - Dual Read Wheels

Ford Custom Trucks - Custom fuel tanks and transfer systems.

Ford F-350

Ford F-450 TrucksFord F-450 Custom Truck

5th Wheel Custom Truck Beds, Fuel Systems, Aftermarket Transmissions, Air Lift Systems and Brake Systems.

Ford F-450 Trucks

Ford F-550 TrucksFord F-550 w/JPack Custom Bed

Custom Truck Beds, Custom Equipment Boxes, Onboard Generators, Video Monitors for one-man hookups and livestock monitoring.

Ford F-550 Trucks Ford F-550 Truck & Trailer Ford F-550 Custom Truck

Ford F-650 4x4 Trucks

Pickup Conversions for the radical 4x4 (well... 4x6 or 6x6)
Showroom Quality Trucks - Designed for sport or work. Heavy duty towing package available.

Ford F-650 Trucks

These Ford Trucks are awesome. Everyone stops to look at them. An incredible combination of power and good looks. Check this bad boy out.

A great Ford Truck solution for large tongue pull trailers.

Ford F-650 Trucks with Custom Lift-Off Beds
Ford F-650 Lift BedFord Trucks with pickup conversions and specialty beds are available. The 2007 Ford F-650 show to right has a Full Lift Off Bed. Ideal for carrying heavy toys and equipment while pulling a tongue trailer.

Ford F-650 Haulers

Custom Truck Beds for 5th Wheel Hauling. Air shock seats available for long haul comfort. Crew Cabs equipped with foldout bed. Aluminum truck beds designed for your special use.

These are custom trucks available for commercial truck and fleet applications.

Ford F-750 Trucks

Custom designed trucks for 5th wheel hauling.
Standard Cube and Stake beds available too.

Ford F-800 Trucks
Looking for an F-800?
Ford made the last F-800's in 1999. Fleet Trucks can provide trucks of equal or better capabilities.

Ford Super CrewZer™2001 Ford Super CrewZer

Super CrewZer™ is the luxury hauler in Ford's line up.
Fiberglass faring and truck bed designed for air flow efficiency and increased fuel mileage. All deluxe interior.

Ideal for long hauls and commercial truck and tractor applications.

2006 Super CrewZer
The 2006 Super CrewZer™ is back. Last manufactured in 2001 this year Ford is bring the Super CrewZer™ back. Check out this luxury truck. See the first dealer delivered 2006 Ford F-650 Super CrewZer™ truck at our North County Ford store in Vista California. Contact us for details.

See Ford Super CrewZer for 2006

Ford Fleet Trucks for North County/San Diego California

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Ford Commercial Trucks

North County Ford - Vista, California

Ford Trucks Commercial Sales and Leasing of North County San Diego, California.

Ford Trucks information is provided on the Ford Heavy Duty and Super Duty line. This is the home of San Diego's experienced fleet sales and commercial sales people who know Ford trucks. For a Ford Truck there is no better place than Fleet-Trucks. We provide Ford trucks for commercial and fleet use. At Fleet Trucks we can custom build truck beds for pickup conversions, flat beds and utility bodies for all models of Ford trucks. Fleet Trucks' sales personnel know Ford vans & Ford trucks and how to meet your requirements for fleets of Ford vans and fleets of Ford trucks.

Fleet Trucks sells Ford passenger vans, as well as all ford trucks, for small businesses and bus lines, Ford cargo vans for delivery services, Ford F-Series Superduty trucks and Ford vans, the full line of F-150, F-250, F-250HD, F-350, F-450, F-550 and F-800 Ford Trucks, Ford Crew Cabs, Super Cabs, Regular Cabs and more.

Ford Trucks is located in Vista, California, located in the northern portion of San Diego County, known as North County. Fleet Trucks is located in San Diego North County to service San Diego, Escondido, Vista, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, and Oceanside. Fleet Trucks is striving to provide North County the best Ford trucks deals in the county, combining price, design experience and loan experience to provide the best business prices possible.

Ford Trucks think FLEET & fleet prices when you think Ford trucks. 5th Wheel Trucks are a specialty of Fleet Trucks and Ford Motor Company. When you need a work truck Fleet Trucks will most likely have your Ford truck in stock. Whither you are looking for work trucks or sport utility trucks, Fleet Trucks has a great selection. Many trucks serve dual purpose as work trucks and recreational trucks. Fleet Trucks can add custom paint jobs to any work truck or recreational truck, making it stand out as a personal statement. Have fun and promote your business with a Ford truck and stylish custom paint job on your Ford work truck.

In San Diego County we'll bring the Ford Truck showroom to you!

We can deliver a turnkey custom Ford Truck anywhere in America.
Remember. Fleet-Trucks.com or FleetTrucks.com

Ford F-650 Truck
Click picture for more Super CrewZer.

We can save you TIME and MONEY with our special services for busy professionals..

    • Demo's are Brought to you...
    • Turnkey Truck Beds - Designed, Built and Delivered Ready to Drive
    • On-Line Credit App Forms
    • 100% Deductible Business Leases
    • Commercial Sales People experienced with...
      • The Line of Ford Trucks
      • All Commercial Ford Trucks
      • Truck Options and Specs to Save YOU Money and Meet Your Applications Requirements
      • Business Truck Leases 100% Deductible
      • Business Requirements
      • Custom Built Truck Beds - Turnkey
      • Hauling, Towing and 5th Wheel Trucks
      • Veterinarian & Farrier Truck Beds

     More FORD Trucks  

In San Diego County we'll bring the Ford Truck showroom to you!
We can deliver a turn key custom Truck anywhere in America.

Remember. Fleet-Trucks.com or FleetTrucks.com

Ford Trucks Commercial Leasing and Sales of North County San Diego, California.

Ford Trucks

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